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      Everywhere we go, we are constantly bombarded by music. I definitely don’t mind it, and find that I am usually singing along to most songs anywhere and everywhere. While I’m in my car, I have a couple radio stations already preset, but my automatic go-to ones are 95.7 and 101.3. I usually just listen to pop music so that’s what I tune into on the radio as well. I’m interested to know what you guys usually tune to on the radio and therefore what your go-to radio stations are when we aren’t using our phone’s music! Let us know! 🙂

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      ive been listening to webe 108 again, ill listen to anything, and i like to listen to stations all over the state, 92.5, 100.5, etc.

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      93.1 has been really good not sure what type of station it is though.

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