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      Hi guys! I want to introduce something new for us to talk about.
      Every week, I am going to post a question of the week.
      Let’s talk!!

      This week’s question of the week is: At what point did life change for the better?

      For me, there are so many really bug turning points in my life and my progress has been really nonlinear. I think, if I look back at the time when things started to get better (well, they got a lot worse first, and then up and down– but it was a “beginning”) was when me and my brother went into DCF for the last time, that was a really painful and scary time in my life but also really important and most likely saved my life and my moms and brothers. I think we all recognize that there was so much dysfunction and pain building that a huge catharsis was coming, and it would have been very damaging.


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