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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      Two buses, two trains and and two aeroplanes and I finally made my first visit to Los Angeles.

      This was a well needed break after adjusting, for the last two weeks, to my rigorous school schedule. New faces, new friends, new opportunities, where do I start?

      Point Foundation based in Carlifornia afforded its scholars, from all over the country, a weekend of networking, empowerment and vacation. As I mentioned in a previous post, I never thought I would have been awarded this scholarship. I applied before and only made it to the semi finals round. I worked day and night to prepare reference letters and applications to get approved for the scholarship but I didn’t get it. To be honest, it was daunting. I felt disempowered by the fact that despite the amount of work I put in, considering it was a really long application, I was still not chosen. I Also felt overwhelmed that if I did had to do it again, it would require a lot from me.

      But I didnt stop there. “Perserverance is key”. I tried one more time and this time for the communuty college transfer scholarship and again, I made it to the semi finals, got phone interviewed and then finally I received an email. I finally won the scholarship.

      I felt that if I had given up on that one last try, I woukdn’t have had the opportunity I had this weekend. And I have pretty much leant from that lesson time after time.

      And so after months of waiting I qm finally in L.A. And besides the financial aspect of the scholarship, it was a great opportunity meeting with mentors and past scholars, some of whom have made it into great schools that I am only now learning about – UCLA and Berkeley – and how Point had assisted them to get where they are at. And I am inspired by stories of undocumented students who arent even able to work in this country, but who are working to make an impact at a future four year college. The kind of inspiring connection that am glad that I had the opportunity to enagage.

      College is expensive, keeping up a good GPA is hard, working while attending school is a challenging mix, but I have also heard from so many great students who have done it.

      One thing on my mind, while I complete my Asscoiates degree and looking to transfer is getting into a good school and being able to afford it. Finances are enough to deter the whole scholarship application process, especially for undocumented students so that has to be my main focus as I move on to a four year college.

      But talking with new friends, professional, mentors and scholars opens up my mind to what is possible. I have been in situations where the only thing that stopped me from going to school was finances. There is a point where reality has to make sense… getting into a school and being able to afford it isnt easy and I have learnt to evaluate whatever options are available.

      For the next year, while it will be test and trial I am thrilled to start working with point, Norwalk Community College and my honor society to see where hard work will take me.

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      I’m glad you had a great experience and I’m so happy that you tried again! I’ve learned so much in life from getting up after being down, time and time again.

      I think if you keep applying for scholarships and getting as much information as you can — you can definitely transfer to a different school!

      You’ve been an amazing motivator (and vent session person) for me with my back to college worries and experiences, so you just keep on going kev!

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      Thank you very much. That means a lot.

      The fight is on for these college scholarships but who knows, if you keep shooting high, you might never know where you will fall.

      Its a toughy but Im giving it my best shot.

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