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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hey everyone!

      We are back with another podcast episode, this time we are asking, what struggles do you face as a young adult female?

      Olivia, Eliza, and I have been having some side conversations and realized that we all shared something in common: being discriminated against because of our gender. Not only that, but we also realized that our age, combined with our gender, opened up a world of struggles. Although we have had (and still continue to have) barriers, we share an important thing in common: strength

      In this episode, we covered main areas like home, school, and work-life. You can hear both our passion and frustration with sexual harassment, intimidation, alienation, and empowerment!

      Ladies, what have your struggles been as a young adult female? Did you experience anything that we didn’t get to mention?

      Guys, what do you see with the women in your life? Sisters, mothers, aunts, daughters?

      Listen here:

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