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    There may already be a post about pet peeves.. but I was reflecting on how my pet peeves have changed over the years. I try to really ask myself why I have these as pet peeves. Here are some of mine:

    -People biting their nails
    – Chewing loudly
    – Popping gum
    – texting while driving
    – dripping noises

    I think mine has a lot to do with noises haha!

    What are some of your pet peeves?

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    Some of my pet peeves are more of weird fears, but here they are anyways:

    -Weird or oddly shaped holes touching me or being anywhere near me
    -Underwater creatures touching me (like lobsters, etc. -unless I’m the ones picking them up which will be 3% of the time lol)
    -Being cut off in traffic and then the person who cut me off going EXTREMELY slow
    -When a pedestrian pressed the crossing signal but doesn’t wait to cross, then when it’s their turn no one is crossing but me and all the other cars are forced to sit there waiting for invisible people to cross lol
    -When others keep sniffling instead of blowing their nose
    -When I’m trying to focus and someone can’t sit still or can’t stop making noise lol
    -Being cut off mid-sentence or conversation and then forgetting what I was talking about

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    These are so good haha! I agree with a lot of these.

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