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      Lets talk about the Parkland School Shooting.

      On Wednesday, February 14th a 19 year old former student shot and killed 17 students and faculty at Stoneman Douglas High School. The youngest victims were 14 years old, and the eldest was 49. The majority of the victims were teenagers.

      These are his victims.

      As a 22 year old young person, who was just in high school and hopes to return to college- I am terrified.
      As a mother to a 1 year old that will soon be in school herself, I am both terrified and paralyzed with fear and a feeling of helplessness.
      And as an American citizen I am infuriated.

      On April 20th, 1999, Eric Harris (18 years old) and Dylan Klebold (17 years old) murdered 13 people (12 students and 1 faculty, aged 14-47) at Columbine High School.

      These are their victims.

      On December 14th, 2012, Adam Lanza (aged 20) murdered 20 6 and 7 year olds, and 6 faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

      These are his victims.

      There have been 25 school shootings in total since Columbine.

      What do we do? How do we go on living while children are being murdered by the hands of their peers?
      While in school, nonetheless. A place which should be free of fear.

      Thinking about this- writing about it brings me near tears. It infuriates and horrifies me.
      School is not an option. Children must go to school, we all know that.
      And school is the foundation for our lives- whether it is a good one or a bad one.
      How can we go to school or send our children to school and say goodbye to them and tell them we love them, wondering if that will be the last time we ever see them alive?

      This is not a dramatic thought or unreasonable fear. This is real.
      Forget supplies, college applications, friends, and teachers. Students have something much bigger to fear when they walk into their schools. They fear their lives.

      This is disgusting. I am fucking disgusted that children are being MURDERED in their classrooms.

      And what is the response? What is the solution?
      Thoughts and prayers?
      MORE guns?
      I’m sorry, but thoughts and prayers don’t mean anything right now.
      And maybe that sounds harsh. Maybe I have no idea what the victims and their families need, because I have never gone through something so horrific.
      But pushing aside conversations that enact change to make room for “thoughts and prayers” is saying that this is not caused by a major fundamental fault in our country, and our country’s laws and policies, specifically surrounding gun control.
      This tragedy should have never happened. Columbine should have been the LAST massacre in a school.
      Instead it has been the first of MANY.
      Because instead of enforcing laws that keep the general public away from weapons, specifically those capable of causing mass destruction, our government has offered thoughts and prayers.
      Meanwhile, victims are pushed aside, debates about gun control occur, and eventually, focus is brought elsewhere.

      This time it MUST be different.
      If you watched some of the videos recorded by the students inside their classrooms, you have been given a glimpse into their terror.
      Now we must face our country’s mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes.

      We must put laws into place that will protect our children.

      I do not believe that putting MORE GUNS into our schools is the solution to mass shootings.
      Schools cannot become militarized.
      You cannot push past an assault weapon to reach for your hall pass.
      Students should nto have to greet armed officers on the way to lunch.
      Instead, we need strict gun laws.
      There is NO REASON for any American citizen to have access to the same guns used in WARS.
      These weapons are created for one purpose. And that is death.

      We need to protect our children.

      This is not about mental health.

      There is ENOUGH stigma surrounding mental illness and we do not need to label vicious criminals as ‘mentally ill’. That does not help them, us, or their victims. It does two things. It creates excuses for evil, for which there should be none. And it creates further stigma and fear within the realm of mental health, of which we need LESS not MORE.

      This is about GUNS.
      This is about loose laws, and a severe and repulsive manipulation of the second amendment.

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Hey Eliza,

      It’s so awful how kids are afraid of school now because of getting killed. It’s not even about missing homework, a tough teacher, or just overall boredom anymore.

      I used to not understand why people home schooled their children, but now I’m starting to be more supportive of it!

      At my college, we have been having lock downs, both drills and not, an extreme amount of police officers, police K9’s, more school security guards, and the big one: bullet-proof glass installation.

      I can’t say I’m mad about it either (although police officers definitely make me still a little uncomfortable).

      It concerns me though, because you can enter my school in so many different entrances. So if a shooter comes in, our little “scan/show your ID machine” won’t be so effective to protect us. Also, most classrooms (specifically the ones I happen to be in) are directly on the street, including the cafeteria. So a shooter wouldn’t even have to get into the school.

      Being a Christian, I fully believe that allowing God back into schools would be a help. Also, kids need more services about their wellness (mental or physical), rather than just exams exams exams and more exams. It can prevent a lot of things that end up causing someone to become a shooter.

      I worry about my little cousins who are students. I worry about my family members and friends who teach in schools. I mean, I hope to work in a school one day.

      I also think that the shootings that have been happening in public places are awful too. The one at the church in Texas and that concert in Vegas. It is interesting though, that places like sports gatherings (superbowl), havent been targeted. Is it because of the extreme high security? What prevents that from not happening? Should we look into the tricks and techniques other places use? Is this a losing battle no matter what security is put, armed teachers or not?

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