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      One of the things I tend to struggle with the most is the amount of time I spend overthinking. If someone doesn’t answer my message, I immediately assume something’s wrong. If something seems off within my family, I automatically feel like another tragic incident has occurred. I feel like this definitely stems from the amount of trauma I’ve had throughout my life, but I also think that although it helps to know where it is coming from, it is still hard to deal with the fact that I always worry about EVERYTHING! Some things that help me stay focused on the present moment include blasting music, binge watching TV shows (as long as I’m not isolating and not keeping up with commitments), cooking, coloring, getting a pedicure, watching funny videos, talking to friends, and playing board games. This may not be a part of my life that I can control, but I can definitely control how I react to these VERY intense feelings.

      Have any of you guys ever struggles with the anxiety that comes from overthinking or worrying too much? If so, what kinds of things help you out during these times?

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