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      We are all given a name at birth, but it is very rare that this is the name that we stick to growing up and full into adulthood. Most of us are given nicknames somewhere along the journey of our lives, or sometimes we just give them to ourselves and they simply stick. Either way, I’d love to hear what some of them are and I’ll definitely share mine as well. I’ve always been called Tita by my family (tee-tah), I had/still sometimes have Luzinator as a nickname from some people, and Lucy and Lucy Goosey. What about you guys?

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      Oh I’ve had a few nicknames in my time! My name is Fallyn by birth but I adopted the “internet alias” and more gender neutral name of Maverick whenever I post poems or short stories. People in high school would call me “Fizzle” or “Falcon” ( leading to the adoptive joke of “FALCON PUNCH!” every time I entered a room ). When my mom was alive, she used to call me Skeeter. When my grandfather was around he’d always call me Chickie. Nowadays, no one really calls me any of those ( except Maverick behind the screen ) but my close friends sometimes like to call me Fal for short! 🙂

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      These are all very cool names Fallyn! I love that we all have different stories as to why we get called different things. 🙂

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      my only nickname is sky lmao

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      So I have so many nick names. SO MANY. Its mainly because of my last name, Perfetto. My name is Alex Perfetto. No one really calls me Alex anymore besides family.

      The main nick names are:

      1. Perfetto
      2. Fetto
      3. Fettatron

      It started from a summer camp I used to go to when I was a child. My older brother was very well known through out there, and I quickly became well known as well. When I was 10, people started calling me Perfetto and Fetto. Those stuck with me to this day.

      Its crazy, people started coming up with nicknames branching off of the first 3. When people heard I was called Fetto, it turned into
      Fett Fett
      BobaFett (At the camp I went to we played a game called Starwars dodgeball, and thats when that nickname happened)
      Fettucinne Alfredo.

      My best friends name is also Alex. There is a group of us that play video games every now and than.I joined his group of friends. And they didn’t like there being called 2 Alex’s. One of my characters names from a very long time ago was named Xelap. They switched that backwards to Palex.

      Than it became:


      And a good amount of these nicknames people still call me lol. Even at the school I work at, all the kids call me Perfetto. As well as the parents and other teachers.
      People still call me a good amount of these nicknames. And I’m sure more will come along the way.

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