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      Hi guys! We have an awesome new story for you! Marco has shared his story of dealing with mental illness through therapy, skills, support and acceptance.
      Hi story is incredible, and he talks about many things that helped him and what his life and perspective are like now!

      Read Marco’s story here.

      Please check it out, and give him some support by commenting here and welcoming him to!

      Marco, thank you so much for sharing your incredible story. I related to so many things and find your outlook to be incredibly inspiring. I am so glad that you got so much help through your therapist and support system. I am also so happy to read about the ways that you think of your struggles and the way you look at life, I relate a lot and it sounds like you have found a better place to be in!
      Thanks so much for sharing some of your experience and hope with us.

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      Marco your story is so inspiring!

      I can relate to how therapy was helpful for you. Therapy has been very helpful for me and I’ve been able to cope with things MUCH easier when I consistently go to therapy.

      I liked your quote “I feel like a master piece and a work in progress at the same time” … that’s so powerful!! I love it!!

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