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      Allison Kernan

      Hey everyone! Check out our new podcast episode where Michael, Rachel, and I talk about the changes we are going through and how we cope with them. With the fall season approaching, it brings on so much change- weather, scenery, holidays, school year, etc. Sometimes it can get so overwhelming and especially tough for young adults.

      Listen and let us know, what do you do when you’re faced with change? Are there any changes in your life that you are going through right now? We would love to hear about it!

      How do you deal with change?

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      Vee Ruiz

      Great job… I always appreciate the different perspectives and the vibe in these discussions. I’m going through a lot of different changes, particularly with my figure and my surroundings. Everything is just so different. I hate change bc it puts me in an uncomfortable space. When I’m faced with change, I try not to accept it unless I have to of course. If it’s something that I’m forced into, I try to ease my way into it. Giving myself some affirmations and just really talking myself into whatever it is.

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      Kevin A.

      Real talk!

      Change is good but the transition into a new job and a new semester at school hasnt been a walk in the park. But ‘change’, I am used to. Whether big changes or small changes I am learning to relax, rethink and recharge.

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