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      Covid-19 and the Self Quarantine has effected many aspects of our daily lives. For the state shutting down and everyone stuck inside, alot of things we used to do we can’t take part in anymore. I am die hard sports fan. Covid-19 has impacted that> Also effecting work, hanging out with friends, and the it feels like the worst has yet to come. During the quarantine, I have definitely been on Youtube a lot more. I am a really big fan of battle rap. One of my favorite interests and things in the world I love. The freestyle era has come and gone and turned into written leagues around 2008. It has evolved into its own brand and genre of hip hop. It is extremely popular and there are so many aspects to it. When events happen, you watch them live stream by paper view, or wait til they end up being uploaded on Youtube. I have always loved Hip Hop. The art form and craft is like non other. The same goes for modern day battle rap. Its a business as far as contracts and them being paid. Finding out who their opponents are and having a few months to write down verses that are 5 minutes a piece. Rap Battles today can go from 25 minutes to 40 or longer. Their performance, stage presence, lyricism, creativity, aggression, angles, delivery, incorporating freestyling/rebuttals and switching back to their written and much more are just incredible. They legit do things that no one else can. I have gone back and watched older battlers, and new ones as well. I have my favorite battle rappers,and also ones I wan to get more into. So being stuck during home during the self quarantine has allowed me to go on so many binges of battle rap. It has given me so much more appreciation from them as far as what they do and how skilled some they are. Especially the best in the world that are top tier. These are definitely some of the positive things that can be found during the pandemic.

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