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      This show just came out a few days ago, but I would recommend it to anyone who is in recovery and is on a journey of self awareness and works in a field in which they help others. The series is centered around a high school student who has committed suicide, but before doing so has left her reasoning tape-recorded on cassettes which she has left rules for their distribution after her death. The story evolves into her internal struggle, and how difficult it was for her in her surroundings. I recommend this show because although THERE ARE SOME TRIGGER WARNINGS IN THIS SHOW, it personally allowed me to experience the pain and aftermath that others felt after the loss of someone to suicide, whether they were somewhat the cause or not. It sort of shows you what it would be like to experience everyone’s feelings after loosing you, if you’ve ever struggled with SI or self harm. Feel free to let me know if anyone has already watched it, or if anyone is now interested in watching it, again it is on Netflix.

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      I read the book when I was a teenager and honestly, it was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. It was not well-written and the plot was just…”eh.” I’m hoping Netflix did a better job than the author did. I plan on checking it out at some point.

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      I saw the series on Netflix and thought it was a very powerful story. They have a “talk back” episode with the cast and crew to discuss certain scenes and interpretations.
      Yes, there are plenty of triggering scenes, but it was important to watch because it is very real!

      There is a scene that the cast discussed – the camera had to focus on Hannah (the main character) for a “longer than comfortable” amount of time. They did it on purpose to remind the audience of her experience and how horrible it was.

      It made me think about my own struggles (past and present) and how death by suicide would affect others. We have lost many parents to suicide when I was in high school and I think about interactions and how it has affected their children (myself included).

      If anything, I hope this series keeps the conversation of suicide, sexual assault, bullying, etc. going. I have yet to read the book, but I was definitely impressed by Netflix series.

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      A few weeks ago, a friend introduced me to the show; I barely slept that night. Two days later, I finished the series; clearly I was captivated. For me, this show is the kind that screams, “WAKE THE FUCK UP, you’re still alive, taking life for granted, so while you’re alive, why don’t you listen to hear more about how the ef this world, this social culture, is really impacting all of us; why don’t you slow down and realize how the little things of your day are not always so ‘little.’

      According to Erin Jenson from US Today, Selena Gomez (Exec. Producer of the series) told E!NEWS ‘that she hoped the project was shocking enough to spur conversation.’ Evidently now, we can all agree that Selena’s hope came true. Here we are, talking about it! Personally, I am in love with the fact that it is a highly debatable and uncomfortable conversation to have.

      The so called ‘trigger warnings’ actually help me realize that I’m not alone; that people…that life…can get dark, messy, and scary. It assures me that i’m not totally badshit crazy or siiick, but rather struggling on how to cope with life circumstances.
      Also, one big topic of debate is over the main character looking for attention. The big hype over this demonstrates the fact that mental illness, suicide, self harm, etc. are highly misunderstood. In my opinion, the more friction it brings, the better. Maybe it’ll help us all wake the ef up, focus to understand this stuff better, and work to be agents of positive change; maybe this is the fourteenth reason why…

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      I havent watched the Netflix show yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it and as shocking or triggering as some have said it is, I think it’s getting a point across. The fact that someone was even brave enough to take on such a controversial topic and spread awareness about it, is really cool to me. Whether people are saying good or bad things, they’re talking.. the conversation about mental health and suicide is happening and I am not mad at that. I have seen a lot of parents and schools complain about the message and what not, but I feel with some discretion and dialogue, it’s a neccessary watch. Everything isnt for everyone, not everyone will like it or love it… but they will know about it and they will talk.

      I hear in New Zealand that kids arent allowed to watch it without parental supervision…

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