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      Tomorrow afternoon we get to check out the AXS Center in New London for the first time since it’s been open. We’re so excited about the visit, especially since we’ve heard so much about it. The AXS Center is the first of its kind in the area and has set the bar really high. The AXS Center is a young adult drop-in program offering an array of services to individuals 18 – 25 years of age. With an amazing staff and tons of support, the Center has proven it’s importance, offering GED preparation, job training, support groups, housing & transportation assistance, social activities, food, and so much more. If you’re in the area, stop by! We’d def love to see you and hang out.

      Here’s how to find more information about the AXS Center and where to find them:

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      The feature on the AXS Center is up! Check out some cool shots and video from us at the Center. Such a great, chill spot. We met a few young adults, the staff and got to tour the hot spots of the city.

      Check us out:

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      Hey! Great report on the AXS center. Such a great program with great staff. The staff really make a difference – their passion is so clear, and many of them openly share their own journey and struggles.

      Every young adult in New London should take advantage of their experience and support. Thanks for covering them!

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        Thanks Michael! It was quite the experience!

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      It seems like a great spot. Love the creative atmosphere!

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