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    Hey guys!

    So we have a really exciting new feature. It’s written by Bryanna P., who is a senior at Brien McMahon High School in Norwalk, CT.
    In the Spring me (Eliza) and Ally went to Brien McMahon to host a “chill out lounge” for their wellness day! That’s where we met Bryanna and Fatima, who, with their friend Ashley record and post vlogs of their daily life. Their vlog is called FAB (Fatima, Ashley, and Bryanna)
    They posted their vlog from that day! (You can check it out here, or by going to our media page).
    Well, Bryanna has written an incredible feature for us on begining her senior year!
    Check it out here!

    And since it’s been about a month since school started, and we have this great feature which highlights the excitement of a new year, I wanted to take this chance to check in with everyone.
    How is the school year going for you?

    I’ll start. The school year so far is going well, I’m a little overwhelmed at times- it’s been a while since I was juggling so much, and I feel like I have a lot more going on (on top of school) than I’ve had for so long. But, I’m hanging in, I’m doing well in my classes, managing work (pretty well), and still having plenty of Willow time (although if I’m being honest, it doesn’t feel like enough).

    Check out Bryanna’s amazing feature, and check in about how you’re handling the school year so far!!

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    i love this. i think its so cool that you got to write about your senior year and have it posted on the site
    i relate a lot to what u wrote about. im a junior this year so its cool to hear what senior year will be like.
    im looking forward to it.
    thanks for sharing this bryanna ur a really good writer and the pics r really cute. i love the one with all ur friends
    good luck this year 🙂

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    This is so great!! Thanks for sharing!

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