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    Hey guys! So, we all love Fallyn’s writing- well she has submitted something and it’s posted on our expressions page! We will be featuring it on our front page! Thanks so much for the submission, Fallyn (aka Faljak).
    Everyone- check it out here it’s incredible, and so drenched in emotion. It’s incredible to read, and as always beautifully written. I hope you guys enjoy!
    Since we can’t leave comments on the expressions page, you can give her feedback here!

    And if anyone else wants to submit their writing, artwork, music, videos, or really anything else submit it on our expressions page!

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    Hey Fallyn, I really like your writing. You are really talented.
    I used to like to write a lot in middle school, but now a days I feel so busy that I don’t really write anymore.
    I’d love to read more of ur poetry.

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