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      Hi All!!!
      My name is Hillary and I am the founder of a start up project called 1 Cause 1000 Thoughts, as well as a Stamford native (SHS class of 2009 woo hoo!)
      1 Cause 1000 Thoughts started as one blog post about my own experiences dealing with depression for five years. I thought no one would read it, but it skyrocketed to all my Facebook friends and, eventually, the whole country. The whole purpose of 1C1000T is to, not only raise awareness of the social stigma of mental illness, but to let people share their stories and connect with one another on a ethos level, but, why don’t you check it out for yourself! Head to
      So, if you’re ready, we are here. share your story. Make a difference. To share your story about depression,anxiety,or anything else bothering you, send it to so it can be posted in our blog (completely anonymous of course!) your story can help someone else feel not so alone, and in turn let them do the same!
      Thanks all! Happy Summer!
      Hillary Goldsmith
      Founder,1 Cause 1000 Thoughts

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