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      Check this out:

      Giving up was not an option for this woman

      Giving up was not an option for this woman, and she finally got what she deserved ❣?Credit – JukinVideo

      Posted by Viral TRND on Monday, November 20, 2017

      This young lady just got a call back for her first job!

      I can remember the excitement I felt as I got hired at my first job, and how I was even more excited when I received my first paycheck. I can recall laughing obnoxiously and telling my best friend- “look it even has the little hairs on it!” (I was talking about the waterproof marks and things that made it an “official” check lol) Besides nannying, my first official job was being a statewide young adult warmline operator for Join Rise Be. Now I still work for the same organization, although I’ve moved up a little within the organization.

      Do you remember what your first job was? How did you react when you found out you were hired?

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      My first jog was hostessing for a upscale restaurant! I LOVED it! And I remember the excitement of it all! Walking in and being offered an interview, going to the interview and excitedly calling my mom after, shadowing, and of course- my first paycheck!!

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      When I turned 16 I applied to my first job and got an interview the next day- I was so excited. I worked in the kitchen at a nursing home as a dietary aid and had that job for 4 years. I loved it!

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      When I was 17 I worked on a horse ranch but I just did a lot of the cleanup work. I did not pet the horses that much as I was really busy most of the time but I really enjoyed it a lot.

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      My first job was working in a nitrogen made ice cream store. It was definitely interesting and met a lot of cool people. I learned a lot of people skills along with some marketing tactics! I was very excited to have such a unique job at such a young age!

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