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      We never know what is going to happen from one day to the next, or even from one minute to the next. I’d like to take the time to write a letter to my future self just so I can have something to look back and reflect upon when I continue my recovery forward. I encourage any of you to join me and do the same. You’d be surprised how much we will change when we come back to this in the future.

      Dear Luz,

      You are now 26 years old, and have recently graduated from community college. You have many educational goals and will start to pursue those goals in the upcoming weeks. You have come so far in your recovery journey, and I am so proud of you. You have defied all then odds placed again you within mental health institutions, and you continue to be an example through your small and bug successes.

      As of right now, you love lunchables, turtles, anything 90’s nick themed, and find the most peace when you are swimming ANYWHERE! You are a great support for your family, and can even be funny sometimes LOL. Your favorite color is teal, and your best friends are Torry, Eddie, and Hilary.

      Some of my hopes for you when you read this again are that you have fulfilled your educational goals and have graduated from the program at MCC you will begin soon. I hope you have continued to use the values your parents taught you like saving money and the importance of family time. I also hope you have been able to keep in contact with your close friends, and are still motivated to helping others in some way or form.

      You are smart, have good judgement, and know how to step up in situations where you are needed. I hope you will remain dependable and honest, because those are some of the good qualities others have noticed in you and that have helped you get to where you are today.

      Keep being uniquely you,


      Please feel free to reply by writing a letter to your future self as well! 🙂

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