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      Hi everyone! So depending on your plans for the Fall, and what school district you’re in this might be your final Monday of the Summer Vacation! Its bittersweet- going back to school can be really anxiety provoking for some. On the bright side, all the friends who you might not have been able to see every day are once again going to be a part of your daily life!
      What are your plans to manage your own stress this school year? Do you have a hobby or coping skill that is your go-to?
      Check out this article from the American Foundation To Prevent Suicide on how to cope with classroom stress (students are at really high risk for mental illness and suicide- but I’m sure some of you know that- whether it’s from your own personal experience, or from watching a friend struggle). While school can be full of stress, triggers, and pressure- you can get through it. With support, understanding, and tools you can handle the tasks ahead!
      Never forget that help is out there! And that there is so much to look forward to beyond this point in time!




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