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    Throughout the past several days I have been watching news footage, listening to the radio, etc. After the unfortunate shooting in Las Vegas and ISIS claiming that the shooter had involvement with them, it really made me think about the amount of inequality that is still present within our nation. The government was VERY quick to conclude that although ISIS claimed involvement and guilt in the events that occurred in Las Vegas, the shooter was not a terrorist. Nevertheless, it is my OPINION that had the shooter been any other nationality besides Caucasian, the government wouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss the claims. I have also seen footage and pictures of people surrounding the hotel who recorded the window from which the shooter was firing from, and the window is clearly at least 15 floors below the reported 32nd floor where police officials claimed the shooter was firing from. Is it possible that this incident isn’t as clear cut as they are trying to make it seem? How can a single man bring in 400 pounds of equipment into a hotel room inside of a casino and go unnoticed?

    What do you guys think about this?

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    Allison Kernan
    Allison Kernan

    Ok so I have so many different thoughts about this Vegas shooting. So I’m not one to be a conspiracy theorist but sometimes I can totally see where it’s coming from. So with some of the theories coming up, I can’t help but wonder if they might be true.

    Second, I HATE how the media and politicians are addressing mental health. They talk about it as if someone with a mental health disorder must be evil. It’s ridiculous. They advocate for change, then completely contradict themselves with the language they’ve been using.

    This whole situation is just sketchy in general and I think that there is a lot that be discussed about it. I think this would be a great topic for a podcast

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