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    In honor of Kalief Browder, I just wanted to leave this here!

    His story is not new and it will forever be relevant.

    RIP my brother, you fought a long one. You were brave, solid and you stood for something even when the odds were against you. Let this be our declaration, WE GOT YOU! The fight does not end here and we are so sorry for all that you went through. You did not die in vain! Sending out love and prayers to his family, as they also have lost their mother through all of this.

    Kalief Browder

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    I was not familiar with the Kalief Browder’s tremendous, powerful story before seeing your post on here Rai, but I must admit I got curious when I saw this post and did a little bit of research. I feel like his story is a very sad, but vital part of what is going to one day TRULY make America great again. It is awful that he had to endure such hardships like he did especially since he still has not been able to get any justice, but I believe one day, hopefully sooner rather than later, it will pay off. He didn’t have to lose his life because of the ignorance and wrong doings of others. His mom should have gotten answers and peace rather than heartbreak. This is about unity, and fighting for what’s right and what’s simply not- it’s not even about race any more. Justice will prevail.

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