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      This pain isn’t a dying pain, it’s a victory pain. I’ve already won.”
      -Dr. Derek Sheppard, Grey’s Anatomy

      I’ve been through ups, I’ve been through downs, but in the end I’ve made it through it all because I am still here. Some days were harder than others, some more painful, some filled with tears, some with joy and laughter, some full of a bit of both. The hard work that I am putting in today, with school, with work, with everything I am working towards, I am going to reap the benefit of one day. I have faith that I will continue to grow as a person, as an employee, as a daughter, a woman, a student, I’m not finished yet. I am determined to keep going, because there was a point in time where I didn’t even want to make it through to tomorrow. I will continue to do my best, in everything that I do, despite not wanting to do it sometimes. These pains that I feel now, they don’t hurt because it’s actually painful. They are pains because my knowledge, my individuality, my soul is growing. I am developing into the person that I am supposed to be. One step at a time, one test a time, one phone call or post at a time, I am becoming the person that I was destined to be all along but just didn’t know it. I got this. You got this. Just keep pushing, because eventually you’re gonna cross that finish line.

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      Luz! I love this! Thanks for sharing this, I really needed to read this today. <3

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      Good post found here.

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      this is awesome! its a constant reminder to keep pushing

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