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      If you got the chance to star in the Olympics, what event would you want to take part in and why? I’ll go first!

      If I were ever in the Olympics, I would want to be there for playing softball or badminton. I had always played softball growing up, and that and baseball is definitely a family sport. I also stated badminton because it is always astonishing to me how such a simple sport can be so competitive and additive.

      How about you guys???

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      If I had this opportunity I think I’d have to stick with something I actually have knowledge in:

      So that would place me in any one of the three Olympic Equestrian events to participate in: Dressage, Eventing (which from what I gather is a 3 day term of cross-country, jumps, and dressage), and Jumping. If I had to take my pick, I’d go for the hardest and do the trial of all three. I don’t know EXACTLY how it works, but I think I’d appreciate the cross-country trials the most. I never liked how boring dressage was and cross-country has the thrill of jumping but with the ability to gallop through an open course; it’s meant to test speed, pace and endurance!

      I grew up around horses and even raised one of my own, it’s no shock I’d go for that!

      From the choice of “Regular” sports, though?
      I’d stick with my competitive nature from high school and go right for the Volleyball courts! 😛

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      I think it is so cool that you chose to do something that is not typical like the regular sporting events are. Although you did put volleyball down as a potential option, I love the fact that you chose to do something that stems from your childhood, horses. I feel like the Olympic Equestrian Events would therefore fit you perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

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