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      I distinctly remember being 16 years old and inpatient at a psychiatric hospital when a brand new episode of ICarly came on Nickelodeon. I believe the episode was called iLostMyMind, where one of the main characters named Sam admits herself to a mental hospital because she believes she is insane for having a crush on another main character, Freddie. This episode deeply bothered for many reasons. For one, the entire episode portrayed mental illness as a joke. Jim Parsons, best known for his character Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, guest starred on this episode as a patient who believed he was from the future. As a person who has experienced and witnessed first-hand severe mental health issues, I found the humor they tried to incorporate into this a bit offensive, and I do not get offended very easily. The episode proceeded to poke fun at patients who were obviously disturbed, including a man who spoke to himself as if he had multiple personalities. What also bothered me was thinking that this show was aimed for a very young audience, and be it as children are easily impressed and influenced, this idea that mental health is funny would be put into their minds without having anyone to tell them otherwise.

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      I totally agree with you, Amily. I have been to plenty of psych wards in my day but I hardly came across people as they are portrayed in this video. It is greatly exaggerated. Things like this could also make kids these days ashamed to go to psych wards even if they absolutely need to for help in fear of being a joke.

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      I actually just saw this episode when I was babysitting! Yes, such a misrepresentation of what they are really like. They do that in so many different shows!

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