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    How do I move on from a relationship that went on for 6 years? When that person was suppose to be my everything. we were planning on having more babies. Just to find out the the one son that he does have he can’t pick the phone up and make a phone call. Nor does he see how much pain my son feels.

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    Allison Kernan
    Allison Kernan

    I’m sorry you’re going through a rough situation. It’s so hard to move on from relationships, especially when there are children involved.
    Well, first, hopefully you two can co-parent.. if not, I’m sure we can find some resources for single parenting!

    As far as the relationship part goes, as cliche as it sounds, TIME is what heals. even if it doesn’t fully “heal”, time at least can help you move on with your life. Take this time to focus on you and getting your overall wellness together. I remember when I was newly single after a long relationship I took some time for myself for once in my life. It was weird and difficult at first, but shortly I got through it. then it became so nice to take some “me time” !! I learned from that experience and realized just how much I didn’t take care of myself before.

    I hope you continue to reach out to us <3

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