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      Hey guys. So we are officially in the FALL! Awesome. I think we are done with these weird heat waves, and have finally began to feel the cool air and short days that begin to take over and remind us Fall is here.
      This is a cozy time, holidays are coming, winter is around the corner and we are settled in at school (if we are in school)
      This is also a hard time.
      Six weeks into the school year is a REALLY hard time for most people.

      A few years ago, this was always around the time I would find myself in the hospital or coming up on a crisis. A few years ago, I was checking into detox around the day exactly. I was dropping my classes, using drugs and alcohol, cutting, and stressed BEYOND belief. For years this was always “that time”.
      The holidays are also hard for me, and I get pretty depressed in the winter time.

      So, that’s just me.

      How are you all feeling?

      This year, I feel ok. I can’t help but feel some sense of “impending doom”. Maybe it’s because I know winter is close, and so are the holidays, or maybe the crisp air and fall smell (which I love) is just triggering to me.

      Are you guys struggling? Doing ok? Enjoying the weather? Up to date and enjoying your classes?

      If you’re doing well, what’s helping with that? if you’re struggling, how are you coping? Are you coping?

      Lets talk!

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