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      My family and I tend to play a lot of games, and do a lot of silly things like karaoke when there’s a lot of us together. Some games we may play include bingo for 25 cents a card, and a sort of scattegories-type game. We typically get together at my aunts house in New York, but because of the age difference between siblings my aunt is most of the people my age’s grandma (and I think of her more as a grandma anyways). Going to my “Grandma’s” house serves as a comfort sort of thing, and it is always nice because you already know you will be spoiled with all of your favorite treats and desserts.

      We also do a secret Santa, and we get to find out who our Santa is on Christmas Eve. Although there are really 3 major holidays this time of year- Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, my family tends to do the same kinds of things. We just like spending quality time with each other, making positive and long-lasting memories.

      What are some of the holiday traditions you may have with your family, friends, or loved ones?

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      Hey Luz! I completely understand what you mean when you refer to Grandma’s house as a source of comfort. I feel the same way about visiting my grandparents!

      At Christmas time, one of our favorite traditions has been part of our family for 15+ years! When we sit down together to open gifts, we open one gift at a time, and we go around the circle- starting with the youngest opening one gift and ending with the eldest opening a gift. This way, we are able to enjoy watching the excitement on the faces of the relatives we love so much opening the special gifts we have picked for them. This tradition is something I never truly got to enjoy until I was older, when I really understood why we did it.

      Thanks for sharing your traditions and making me think about mine! The holiday season is such a beautiful time of year for us to be grateful for our families and our lives.

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      It is so cool to hear about different traditions that others may have. I especially like what you mentioned you do in your family where only one gift is opened at a time. I will definitely keep reading up on this post to see if there’s any new traditions I can try to start within my own family! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      This is a great topic. I’m happy you and your family have fun and play games during the holidays. It makes the holidays more enjoyable. Every Christmas, my family and I play a game called the Chinese grab bag. The way it’s played is each person gets a number 1-12 or depending on how many people are playing. what ever number you pick out of the hat, lets say you get 5 then you are the 5th person to grab a gift. Once you open it you can then choose if you want to keep the gift or you can trade it with anyone who already went. I always end up getting a lousy gift every year like one year I got a lighter lol. but it’s still fun and a good way to get the family together.

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