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      tom starr

      Hi! I’m 20 years old and I have been struggling with social anxiety my whole life. This has made me unable to form any kind of friendships and has also made me socially awkward. Every person I meet it seems like I screw everything up by making things awkward. I try to avoid everyone I know at all cost to make sure I do not have to socialize with them. I also try to avoid any social events such as parties, class presentations, introducing oneself to peers, and anything that has to do with socializing with others. I know if I keep on going down this path my life would just go downhill. I really don’t want to live my whole life by myself. I yearn for friends, every time I see people hanging out with their friends I become depressed and ask myself why I am so different from them? why can’t I be like them? I feel so alone because no one understands me and I think no one ever will. Right now I have no support systems, I don’t have any friends so I cannot tell me problems to anyone. My parents don’t seem to understand my situation and I have also been to therapy but nothing seems to work. I hope one day my social anxiety will go away so I can live a life of happiness.

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