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      Vee Ruiz

      Hi everybody, my name is Isabel and I’m one of the content developers for I’ve been working on this website for the past two months, because I myself have struggled with my mental health.

      I’ve been in recovery from my depression and anxiety for about two years now. Even though I have made so much progress, even though I am in recovery, I still struggle with my mental health on a daily basis. Mental illness doesn’t go away, it is a constant, unrelenting struggle. And yes, it is much easier now for me, but it’s not easy, per se.

      I’m really excited about the Let’s Talk component of the website. Not only does it allow you and me to talk about anything we want, it allows you and me to connect with people struggling with similar issues. It’s a great place for peer-to-peer support, and a safe place for people to talk about their problems.

      I really look forward to seeing the forum grow, and from me, personally, welcome to!

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      tom starr

      Hey Isabel. I would just like to know if there are any meetups for this website? Like do any of the people here actually meet up and talk about their problems? Thanks!

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        Vee Ruiz

        Hi Nelson! Thanks for reaching out – we’re brand new (launched last week) so we’re looking forward to getting to know new people through the site – the meetup idea is really cool and would be a perfect offshoot of this website when we have enough people participating from a similar area. That’ll probably be down the line but we’re definitely going to be doing stuff on college campuses in the fall so maybe that’ll be the first opportunity!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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