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      I found this chart recently and it reminded me of the things that I’ve had a LOT of issues coming to terms with over the course of my recovery. While interdependence is well and good, it does often carry the burden of rejection even from those closest to you ( whether through miscommunication or drifting apart ). I’m not at all an introvert but I am very shy, and I tend to always rely on the presence of others which has gotten me into trouble plenty of times! Seeing this list drawn out for me as ‘pills to take’ reminds me that I can’t / shouldn’t over-obsess with the actions / reactions of everyone around me, as hard as it is. My coworker recently challenged me to find a piece of independence in my life and grow from there without the use of social crutches! I have to say, it’s hard to ‘swallow’ and hard to commit, too.

      How do you guys feel about taking your ‘doses’ of these medicines? How do you cope with the overarching anxiety of it? Any advice?

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      Thank you so much for sharing this diagram Fallyn. I definitely agree with your experiences and sometimes I too have looked to other people in order to feel a certain way, and I’ve found it isn’t necessarily a good thing. In my own life, I’ve tried focusing on the thought that I can’t rely on outside sources to make my inside sources be happy (or an idea similar to that). Basically just stating that others outside of myself shouldn’t dictate how I feel. It’s been hard because I like to please everyone and generally don’t like disagreements, but I know sometimes we just have to put ourselves and our well being first.

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