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      Hi everyone! It’s amazing how certain songs can effect how you feel. Especially the one that make you happy. What songs have you all been listening to that put you in a good mood? List at least three.

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      Hey Carl! Thanks for starting this thread- I am excited to hear from everyone and maybe hear about some new music. I just posted yesterday about how much music has changed my life. You can read that here.
      Three songs that have made me especially happy in the last few days have been:
      Praying- Kesha
      So What?- P!nk (always)
      Right Now- Van Halen

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      Hey Olivia

      I just read your story and I’m glad you found an artist like P!nk who was an inspiration to you and helped you get through tough times. This is a perfect example of how powerful music is. I want to listen to Pink more often now because I’m interested to see how inspirational she is. I wouldn’t be surprised if your story turns me into a Pink fan lol. Keep listening to her and yelling So What!

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      Great post! Music definitely plays a huge role in my life and my recovery. I really enjoy any songs I can dance to…any hip hop songs – Juicy by Biggie Smalls is an all time fave. We Are The Champions by Queen is also another great song…who doesn’t love that one? I’ve also been listening to Eminem’s new album Revival…I’ve been an Eminem fan since I was in elementary school. Still a life long fan of him. The album is pretty decent so far. I’ve enjoyed following him on his journey and he’s accompanied on mine as well.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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