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      The past couple years, I have been really dedicated and focused on a few quintessential things that have brought immense success regarding my recovery story. More recently one of those is of the term “Knowledge Is Power” The more insight and understanding we have, it makes us much more well equipped to handle situations and make decisions in most efficient and beneficial way. If you look back at a situation in the past that was really impactful, there is a few things you can do. You can choose to fixate on the situation and focus on the negative aspect. Or you can take what you learned from that situation and apply it in a similar scenario. Reflecting back is important for growth and to learn, but try not to dwell on it and focus on the negativity surrounding it. A key component which I have been focusing on recently is looking at the underlying reason instead of the action. If you know someone is having a hard time, or you are in a situation where you see someone acting out of character, there’s an interesting way to look at it. Instead of focusing or reacting to what that person said or did, take a step back for a couple seconds and be more keyed in and focused on the reason said person is having a difficult time. The underlying cause/reason is so much more significant than the effect/reaction. It can help get down to the problem and gives a better understanding on how to solve it. I am also really big on values. In life, our characteristics, views, and outlook are molded by our experiences. It has quite the impact on shaping an individual. Enduring trauma, trials, tribulations can develop resilience, strength, courage. Yet at the same time inflict pain, sadness, and being hurt. Reality is those effects will be apart of you. However, having a conscious awareness of these attributes and applying them to life in anyway you can that’s positive is quintessential. I can take those negative experiences, and apply them for a better cause in teaching or helping someone it can relate to. Things like these can really help frame a different aspect on how to cope and manage life. You can always learn something new every day and grow as a person and individual

      Alex Perfetto

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