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      In the spring, after months of teasing, PBS launched its reading campaign initiative “The Great American Read”. Hosted by the popular Meredith Viera, the series explores not only people’s love of reading but getting people excited novels again….and may even introduce you to a few titles you didn’t know existed or even better reintroduce you to some you may have forgotten about.

      After an extensive initial survey was completed nationwide reaching over 7000 people across our fine nation. The survey was compiled based on age, race, ethnicity, region, etc. The top 100 popular titles were compiled, and instead of a stuffy group of intellects coming together and saying “THIS is the list of the greatest…” (which is common practice with lists like these), the anti was raised and the opportunity is given to narrow down the great american novel by having readers vote on favorite(s)!!! Some surprises on the list as well as some no so surprising selections and the arguments online between people who’s favorite book didnt make the list rolled out quickly, people are miffed!!!

      Unlike most campaigns, with this you are expected to vote and vote often. 1 vote, per day, per book (as many as you like), per device. Four ways to vote through toll free call with each books specific code, using hashtags via text, Facebook or Twitter, or scouering the list on the great american read home page. A short series has been airing every tuesday at 8 on pbs featuring comentery and analysis on different/popular books on the list based around specific themes. With next weeks finale on the 23rd fast approaching, months or reading, voting, debating and waiting are coming to an end. the last official day to vote is this thursday!!! Even if you didnt follow the series or know about it till now, you can still vote!!!

      Happy reading! google great american read to find out more

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