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    So, most people are going to be starting school THIS week!!
    Still, we know Summer won’t really end right away either- with Labor Day and warm nights still to look forward to- it also may be nice to look forward to a routine again, or maybe not.
    The beginning of a new school year is kind of like New Years- we all have goals, hopes, and plans- maybe to study more, be happier, or stress less.

    What are your goals for this school year?

    I’d like to manage my time well, keep ahead of my anxiety and manage it well, practice self care, keep a good perspective- this is not the end of the world, the way I do does not define me, nothing is “un-do-able”. And of course, I’d like to do well in my classes. (Abnormal psychology and mindfulness in literature)

    Let’s talk about our goals!!

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    I feel like it’s always a good idea to start with goals in mind! Some of my goals for this school year are to become more organized, practice better time management skills, and remember to make room for fun.

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    As everyone’s heard me say, it’s my first semester back in ~4 years! I have a few goals:

    1 – Focus on my work and do well (obviously).
    2 – Learn about the LGBT+ and Theatre groups on campus so I can get re-involved with the communities I’ve lost touch with. Therein hopefully meeting like-minded folk and making new friends along the way.
    4 – Adjusting to the prospect of self-care to fill in the gaps… Which, honestly, I had no idea was a THING I could/should be acknowledging in all twenty-two years.

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    I wonder how everyone is doing with the goals they set at the beginning of the school year. Personally, I think I’ve done a great job of managing my time and balancing fun between work and school. I also have found that my organizational skills have improved at least a little bit. How about you guys?

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