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      I know I’m not the only one who struggles with reaching out. Even people who don’t struggle with mental illness find reaching out to be difficult but when it comes to mental health, reaching out is extremely important. You cannot do everything on your own and when help is an option it’s wise to choose it. Reaching out can be scary because you don’t want to be judged or mocked but it’s almost worse not to reach out. Reaching out allows people to understand what you’re feeling and gives them an idea of how to help you. No one can read your mind so they won’t know how to help unless you speak up. Reaching out can also give you opportunities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise, like making friends or improving your grades by asking for help. It is also hard admitting you need help and admitting your shortcomings but once you let someone you trust know that you are struggling it will prove to be beneficial in the long term. It can ease your suffering a little and it might improve your mood to know you have someone to connect with. Do you have someone you can reach out to? Who might that be? Has anyone reached out to you? How did you approach it?

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      I love this post Mariah. I agree and think that it’s very important to reach out even if sometimes it’s really hard. Sharing your emotions with someone you trust is really important especially if you don’t feel your best. Thanks for this post Mariah! I really enjoyed it!!

      – Colby Dineen

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      I also really appreciate this post! I think that even though I’ve gotten a lot better at it, this is still something I work on every day. I feel like I try my best to be self-sufficient, which comes from having to rely on myself for most things as a kid. Now that I have the chance to rely on others, I think I find it hard to because I know for a fact the only one who I can rely on 100 percent is myself, but still I am trying to be more open and ask for help when I need it. Thanks for bringing up this topic, because I know I’m a tough nut to crack and I need to share more of myself with the world 🙂

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      Thanks for talking about this Mariah, I know for me it can be hard to reach out because, like you said, I feel like it is a sign of weakness, or a shortcoming, but you’re absolutely right that you need someone besides you to help you handle your problems:)

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      Yeah reaching out’s really scary and a lot of people feel embarrassed that they have to do it. But if you’re hurt you go to a doctor, so why shouldn’t you reach out if you have a mental Health problem?

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