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      So we are fully in FALL!

      To me, Fall is THE BEST.

      I used to get this weird Fall depression- stuck somewhere between dreading winter and remembering the struggles I often felt (associated with school and anxiety) during the Fall- and I would be triggered, sad and anxious.
      But I’m not sure if this Fall is exceptionally beautiful or if I am simply more mindful and aware of it, but I am LOVING Fall this year.
      The leaves are so beautiful, the weather is perfect, and when the wind blows and leaves blow all around me and Willow I feel as if it’s he first time I’ve ever seen it. I am so happy this Fall.

      What is your guys favorite part of Fall? Do you like the Fall?

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      ok, this so should’ve been updated because I could go on for hours, but I’ll leave it at this (as fall drifts away)

      Crisp air
      colorful leafs
      naked trees
      not too hot not too cold
      pumpkin spice
      scented candles
      pretty sunsets


Viewing 1 reply thread
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