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    Hi everyone! What are some movies you are looking forward to seeing? They can be movies that just came out or coming soon. I know I’m looking forward to seeing the new Justice league movie that comes out tomorrow!

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    There are usually always new and interesting movies that I look forward to seeing, but lately I haven’t been so excited to watch any upcoming ones. A little while back, I heard that there was going to be a new Hey Arnold movie coming out this November, but I haven’t seen any commercials for it so I am not sure if it will be in theaters or just something like Netflix. If that does eventually air, I am excited about that because I used to love watching Hey Arnold as a kid growing up. In addition, I generally look forward to watching Christmas movies each year, even if I have already seen them so I am looking for those to be shown on television as well.

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    Hi Luz

    The Hey Arnold Jungle movie I saw a preview for. It’s a Nickelodeon movie so it will air on Nick sometime this month or it may have already I’m not sure. I also love Christmas movies. My favorite one is A Christmas Story, which plays on TBS for 24 hours on Christmas.

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