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      Hey guys, so I’m wondering what fun social things you did this Fall and what are your plans coming up?

      I tend to isolate myself a lot- I think a lot of times I get anxious in social settings so it’s easier to avoid them. But I’m trying to break out of the for my daughter’s sake.

      This Fall I went to an apple orchard with Willow and my friend and her daughter, and we went to a Farm and did a hayride with another friend and her daughter and niece. Both were so much fun. I also went tricking or treating for a little while with another friend and her baby.

      But I know I’ve also avoided a lot more opportunities to do fun things, especially with other people out of discomfort.
      What fun social things did you guys do this Fall so far? And what are you going to do? How do you guys move past your anxiety, if you have it?

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