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      Hey!! I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis a few weeks back. I used to suffer from severe knee pain for the past few weeks. After taking proper rest, the pain diminishes.Also, I have noticed slight swelling of my legs but didn’t bother about it. Recently, I was not able to climb the stairs because of the stiffness. My hubby took me to a nearby GP and he said that these are the symptoms of osteoarthritis. He prescribed me some medications and advised me to take proper rest.
      Even after taking medications, I could not see any change in my condition. The pain has got worse and I don’t know what to do. I’m not able to sleep because of the pain. Yesterday, my hubby said that he can’t see me suffering so he has scheduled an appointment with a Swedish massage therapist from Toronto for next week. Has anyone here with osteoarthritis undergone Swedish massage therapy? Was it beneficial? Is there any other way to reduce the pain? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!

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