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      Do you have a difficult time during the holidays with family? Many people do. I found this article that talks about ways to deal with a stressful time during the holiday get togethers. This is very helpful for me because sometimes it can be hard to sit down with family.

      Take a look!

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      I love this article! Especially the part about “befriending yourself”. That’s so important in our adult lives as we recover from any scars that our childhood has left us with.
      Thanks for sharing Torry! In case no one has told you this today- you’re amazing!

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      Totally agree, love that part too! And thank you, you are so sweet! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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      Thanks for sharing this article with all of us. I tend to struggle with family around the holidays as well, and I can totally see myself taking a “blankie” or anything of great significance with me to carry around in order to help me cope with the tough moments. I also think that after reading this it will be easier for me to think things over before taking them personal within holiday parties with family. Definitely a great read, thanks again!

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