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      cw, tw: suicide

      I’ve only taken some dance classes when I was really young. I don’t remember any of it and didn’t ever continue with it. I didn’t think I was able to create anything meaningful.

      Almost three months ago, my dear friend committed suicide. I am unable to speak more on it without crying. I went to a dance studio that was open at my school soon after finding this out and then just let myself go. I don’t know what lead me there but I’m grateful to have gotten there. After dancing things out and trying to feel centered and grounded, I realized that it is possible to transform negative energy into an artistic message. I just wanted to grieve the loss of my friend in some way. I recorded and watched myself and began to feel light and able to breathe. I feel that I am working through my grief instead of letting it control me.

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      Dance is one of the things that I do to help me out with anything that I am going through whether mentally or physically.
      I am a part of a dance studio and I have danced with them for many years and every time I am going through anything I call my friends that have keys to open the doors to them me in and just let me dance around blow off some steam. Recently I got news that grandmother is sick and it is very scary for me and I don’t want to cry or be sad in front of her so me and one of my teachers have been going to the studio and just dancing out how we are feeling. It honestly has been helping me so much and I really do think dancing is a great healing mechanism.

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      I love that it has brought you comfort like it has for me! I’m sorry about that hard news..I’m sending you love and energy to get through today <3

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