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      Check this out:

      I feel that by hosting this event, this organization sets out to abolish the discrimination set forth by general society against criminal offenders. At the end of the day, are those who have been convicted of a crime more or less likely to re-offend if they feel they have been reintegrated slowly and have a connection outside of the prison walls? No matter what may have gotten them in there, they still remain humans capable of being there for their children. <3

      What do you think about this event hosted by this organization? Do you think it will serve as a tool for the prevention of repeat offenders? Do you think it should or shouldn’t be incorporated in more states?

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      Allison KernanAllison Kernan

      I saw this a while back !!

      It made me cry it was so beautiful! When I was incarcerated, I saw how much it effected mother’s being away from their children. Some of them weren’t able to see their children and others were, but hardly enough. It put a lot into perspective for me

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      I definitely agree with you. Although I have never personally experienced being incarcerated myself, I have witnessed and continue to witness the effect that my brother’s long term incarceration has had on my entire family. In my opinion programs like this should exist for others states as well, with perhaps an option for there to be something like this for everyone in the family. Like a family day, not just for inmates who have children. Sometimes those who are behind bars need that one thing to look forward to, a day with their family, just like these men do, even if they aren’t dads.

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