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      You get to choose to be any color in the universe: blue, orange, purple, or anything else. Choose your color and say why you chose it.

      Surrounded by such an immense variety of colors in my everyday life, I would never be satisfied with choosing to be just one color.

      I would choose to be blue, so that I could be as deep as the oceans but as wide as the skies. To be as luscious yet delicate as a bundle of blueberries, and as musically in tune as a singing blue jay on a spring morning.

      I would choose to be orange, so that I could be as radiant as the sunrise, as refreshing as a cup of OJ in the morning before the beginning of a long day. I would contain as many emotions as a jack-o-lantern after its carving, and would ensure all those who were to witness my color in the autumn leaves be captured by my mesmerizing beauty.

      I would choose to be green, so that I could show the world my strength like a baby sea turtle who is navigating its way back to the ocean in the first few minutes of life. I would be full of life when I take the form of trees, digging my roots beneath the soil, and as sour as a taste of lime after a sweet drink.

      I would choose to be red, so that I could warn the world to stop when the time is right. To be as unique as each individual ladybug’s spots, and as passionate as my heart will allow.

      I would be yellow, so that I could be cautious in certain situations, yet as full as life as a school bus carrying rambunctious children. As innocent and simple minded as a rubber ducky and with as much attitude as a worker bee.

      And I would be purple, so that I could be as soothing and calming as lavender in life’s tough situations. To be able to ground myself as the amethyst stone, and symbolize power and royalty to the greatest extent in order to serve as a role model for others.

      What colors would you choose to be?

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