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      With (my favorite holiday) Halloween approaching in less than 24 hours it seems we are at the doorstep of ‘the Holiday Season‘.
      What kinds of feelings does that phrase bring up in you?
      For me, it brings up a lot of muddled, mostly negative feelings. I can’t quite pinpoint all of them, but a major one is ANXIETY!
      Part of me loves the holidays; its’ cozy weather, thoughts of friends and family, and memories of sleds and school vacations.
      Another big part of me dreads the next 3 months. Sometimes I wish they didn’t even exist. Thoughts of money (or lack thereof), expectations (mine and other people’s), and of sad memories fill me.
      But then I remember something very important! The holidays are whatever I make them! For my daughter, who has never had a Thanksgiving or Christmas, she has no expectations! I cannot fail! So this year I am starting over. The holidays are going to be as big or little as I want them to be- and that will be enough for Willow so it will definitely be enough for me!
      I’d like to start a tradition, what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Do you have any? Would you like to start some? How are you all going to get through the next few months.

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