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      All I can say is …. OMG. The September 9th CT STRONG conference with Constance Arnold was amazing.

      Constance was so cool and down to earth. What I like most is that she uncovered a lot of “why” things might not be working for people, and discussed “how to’s” to find the solution.

      For example, Constance uncovered core beliefs. I don’t think we talk enough about them as a culture. A core belief of mine is that I “am not good enough.” According to what Constance says, “what you believe, you bring about.”

      So, in my own life, I can see that in ways like caretaking (going the extra mile to win approval), or getting nervous around people, being afraid they will judge me. That is just one example of how core beliefs can play out.

      Constance lays the foundation for change:


      Has anyone learned something about themselves or wellness from the CT STRONG Conference?

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      Hey Michael!

      I really learned a lot about myself and how to prevent burnout. Working with the general population can be very tiring and before you know it, you’re completely drained. I am so grateful Constance shared with us different ways to protect ourselves from this common situation. I also loved her humor during the conference…a little laughter can definitely lighten a serious topic!

      I am finding myself working with others using the packets that we received from her too; it’s continued the conversation with clients (and for myself during my free time).

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      “Using your imagination is the easiest way to get results!” –Constance Arnold

      And a very powerful and life changing reminder:
      “You teach people how to treat you, by what you allow…”

      I am happy that I was able to be at her talk and to meet her. She was great… very funny and she is very easy to talk to.

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