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    Hey guys, I posted my story here would love it if you guys checked it out right here. since you can’t reply to stories we can chat here.

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    Allison Kernan
    Allison Kernan

    Hi Cindy!

    I’m so glad that you posted your story. I can relate to anxiety and stress and I feel like when I’m going through stuff, it can make my anxiety worse- sometimes to the point of having to take mental health days.

    I’ve noticed that one coping skill I’ve been using is being productive when I’m stressed. But I’ve also seen that it can be a bit manic. But when I’m done cleaning, I feel so accomplished, so Idk its weird.

    When you said you made it through your first year of high school while dealing with stress, do you mind if I ask what kinds of things helped you make it through? I know for me, sometimes grounding exercises really do work, but many times I need to use a diff method to help me. Totally open for suggestions lol


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