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Home Let’s Talk Coping With This Thing Called Life Child Advocate Identifies Abuse At DCF’s Locked Juvenile Facilities

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      Have you guys read this article? It’s really messed up. The mistreatment of these juveniles in these facilities – who mostly have mental health issues – is really disturbing to me…Just totally excessive force and a misuse of power..
      Curious to hear what you all think about it or if YOU’ve had any experience with the juvenile system.

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      Sam B.Sam B.

      I’ve never been in the juvenile system and after reading this article I’m very grateful for that. It’s scary to know that this mistreatment is happening and even scarier that it’s happening to people they know are extra vulnerable. People of authority shouldn’t let stuff like this to happen. It’s just not acceptable. I hope that the public continues to talk about it because the more people are aware of what’s going on, the more likely the much needed change will happen.

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      Soo I was reading up on this a little bit and just read some more recent news about it! Now people are taking action and trying to get the facility closed down. It is awesome to see people take and a stand and say this isn’t okay. Now because of all these people speaking up there are gonna be legislative hearings to voice that it is time for change! Everyone deserves respect and proper treatment (for your mental health and overall well being). This whole thing really is eyeopening..

      This article really tackled why this change is a must. Check it out!

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