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      Last year the ALS Ice bucket challenge went viral, and it all went to a great cause. In that challenge, participants were challenged to dump a bucket of ice cold water on their heads while recording it and then challenge additional people. If those who were challenged did not do so within a certain amount of time they were supposed to donate to the ALS fund.

      This time around an all new challenge has begun and I find it to be completely outrageous. It does not go to any great cause, and all it does is cause harm. It is know as the boiling water/hot water challenge. Participants boil water and then proceed to dump that extremely hot water on unsuspecting others. A young girl has already died due to this challenge, and another 11-year-old girl was left severely burned and in the hospital for nearly 2 weeks when her “friends” dumped the boiling water her during a sleepover. Apparently even the girls’ mother played a part in the act. Watch that video below:

      Who do you think is to blame here? Ultimately, most of the participants in this “challenge” are children. Is it the job of social media to filter out things like this? Do parents need to be more aware that things like these are happening? What do you guys think?

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      I read about this a few days ago. It is really sad. Those kids needed better supervision and you are right, the whole idea is brutal and silly. If someone reaponsible was there supervising those kids, that poor kid would have been in a better situation today.

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