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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      There were some very special takeaways from the BET awards – at times very personal and inspirational.

      Beyonce’s performance took me from the TV screen to YouTube – a very artistic, message driven and creative interpretation of freedom. ‘Freedom’, which is also a single from her recent album ‘Formation’ is truly a masterpiece; from the poetic words of Warsaw Shire to the very courageous messages that riots oppression and cries for racial justice.

      “Ima keep running cause winners don’t quit on themselves.”

      Jesse Williams, the doctor from Grey’s Anatomy made a very surprising speech (for anyone who didn’t know him as a civil right activist). After receiving the humanitarian award, he made a very passionate speech about the very serious racial problems that go unchecked today… Read Here:

      Still, something that I hope had been echoed more than once throughout the night, the problem with gun safety and a voice for Orlando, was covered by BET CEO Debra Lee – that was a special moment.

      49 lives lost in one night is still hard to believe but like Prince’s, legacies live on.

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      The BET awards was actually a bit different from what I’m use to.

      JESSE WILLIAMS IS THE s**t! Point.blank.period. I can’t even say that I’m shocked that he delivered such an amazing speech. He’s been speaking up and out about injustice and brutality for quite some time now… it was just nice to see it being recognized. It was incredible to watch someone take the thoughts and words right from my brain and mouth… and share it nationally. THAT’S WHAT AMERICA needed to hear. Whether you watched it live or not, I know you heard about it. The message was received. Thank you!

      Beyonce almost NEVER shows up to the awards so that was very rare… almost historic. Of course she slayed the stage and gave us a taste of the Formation tour that she is currently on. It means so much to me to see that she is using her role (as probably one of the most popular, successful music artist of all time) and platform to speak out against racism, violence and brutality. She’s been making triumphant music that celebrates our blackness and encourages everyone to open up their eyes. I’ve always been supportive of her career but was never drawn to her personality or vibe like the #beyhive. However, now, i see something different in her. Something so beautiful and I could not be more proud. I was so shocked to see her mom there, accepting her daughter’s awards on her behalf. Shout out to Kendrick Lamar as well… he is one hell of a lyricist and has an amazing stage presence as well. “Freedom” was the besttttt song to open up with!

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      Kevin A.Kevin A.

      That is so true about Beyonce Rai, its really that she is maturing with her music. Over the years her style has evolved and I’m an even bigger fan. There is just something special about her and even after this album you cant avoid imagining what more she has to come.

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