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      Since it’s May and the end of the semester for school (whether it’s college or high school) is just around the corner, I’d love to know where you guys like to go on vacation or where you have previously traveled to that you have loved. Whether it has been camping 15 minutes from your house, I’d love to hear any and all events that you’ve enjoyed. For me, I love going to Old Orchard Beach in Maine and can literally swim allll day long. I think anywhere that has sun and a pool is good for me, but I also like hearing the sound of the ocean while I sleep. This year I will be going to Clearwater Beach, Florida, but I’ve also been to and liked Orlando. How about you guys? Have any of you been camping? Let us know!

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      I haven’t gone on a vacation in SOOOO long. I think my last real vacation was when I was DCF, one of my group homes used to go to Cape Cod every summer.
      But, this summer I am!! And it will be so fun! I can’t wait 🙂
      I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, since its already the middle of May, I need to get on that haha.
      I am thinking that I really want to go to a national park, to enjoy them before they begin to change rapidly in the coming years due to climate change.
      I also want to go to San Diego, because there’s tons of things that Willow could do and there’s so many things I could do. But, I think that would be a really expensive trip so I am weighing those options and trying to figure out something that will be fun and affordable so I can do a second little weekend getaway with my mom and brother in the end of the summer!

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